How do I become a member of OCA and OKMCHA?

Oklahoma Mental Health Counselor Association is an organization under the umbrella of OCA (Oklahoma Counseling Association). You must be a member of OCA before you can be a member of OKMHCA.

Step 1) Go to a computer J

Step 2) Go to (<---Just click the link)

Step 3) Click on MEMBERSHIPS tab

Step 4) Select membership type (Ex: Professional, Associate, Student, or Retiree) that best describes you

Step 5) Then click [Join/Renew] button

Step 6) Fill out form with your information

Step 7) Don’t forget to click the box for “I understand” regarding Divisions

Step 8) In the top right hand corner a {Cart} should pop up showing you owe $50.00

Step 9) Then under Divisions there is a drop down box with 8 different divisions

Step 10) Click on Oklahoma Mental Health Counselor Association (OKMHCA) to officially join

Step 11) Then click [Add a Division] button

Step 12) If you successfully added OKMHA to your membership your {Cart} should now show you owe $60.00. (Each division costs $10 each to join).

Step 13) Click on your {Cart} to now checkout!

Step 14) Click on the CHECKOUT button

Step 15) Next screen should pop up. Fill in your contact information (Email/phone number)

Step 16) Fill in billing information to pay for your memberships to OCA (Oklahoma Counseling Association) and OKMHCA (Oklahoma Mental Health Counselor Association).

Step 17) Click SUBMIT ORDER button

Hooray…You are NOW member of OCA and OKMHCA.